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Capitol Connection #1018

While CA occasionally ‘shakes, rattles and roll’ as Earth adjusts itself, contractors can now play a role in preventing injury or worse in the event of an earthquake!

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol ConnectionFirst, we go forward with some quick answers to complex questions on license transfers, Qualifiers and ‘diving into’ swimming pools…

Corporation to a Sole Proprietorship?

Q: My Dad and I have a Corporate contractor’s license, which he is the Qualifier of and I am the Secretary/Treasurer. My Dad is retiring and is planning to shut down the corporation, so we cancelled our Worker’s Compensation insurance and now our license shows Suspended. Is it possible for me to transfer that license to a Sole Proprietorship? I can get a Bond and I wouldn’t have employees so I wouldn’t need Worker’s Comp.

A: No, you cannot transfer a license from a Corporation to a Sole Proprietorship. You would need to apply for a new license number.

Taking the “Plunge”

Q: I am a licensed contractor in Florida and I am hoping you can offer some advice as to which classification of contractor’s license I will be required to have in California. What I do is locate leaks in concrete swimming pools and spas and repair them. This can involve removing and replacing tile and/or coping, repairing large structural cracks using carbon-fiber stables and injecting, removing and replacing skimmers, main drains, and pool light niches. I also sometimes cut or hammer through decking surface to repair broken plumbing lines and then backfill and repair deck material.

A: ”C-53” (Swimming Pool) license would be required for the work you described.


Q: Can you please let me know if the Qualifying individual with the contractor’s license has to be an employee of the Limited Liability Company (LLC) obtaining the license? Or would it work if the Qualifying individual is an employee of the Parent Company?

A: Your license Qualifier is required to be employed by the entity obtaining the license number.

Contractors Note! Attention contractors experienced in seismic retrofitting: Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) is an earthquake retrofit program developed to offer homeowners financial incentive for seismic retrofits that will lessen the potential for damage to their homes during an temblor. The program is offered to consumers owning homes built prior to 1979, and it has expanded to over 30 cities throughout California. This program presents additional work opportunities for contractors!

More than 95 percent of homeowners participating in EBB rely on the program’s directory of licensed contractors to do their retrofit project. Licensed contractors can register to be listed on the directory at no charge by completing the online Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) education training. In addition to being added to the directory, participants will be eligible to receive free EBB marketing materials, including brochures, job site checklists, yard signs, and phone support if questions arise about the program. If you want to participate, go register and take the free online FEMA training as soon as possible!

Check EBB’s website for a list of zip codes where the program is offered.

By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc.

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