Member of the Month

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We have finally reached December. Happy Holidays to you all! The end of the year gives us room to reflect on how important our members are to us. Without our members, we wouldn’t be able to keep our vision on the rise. One of our most present and engaged members, is SnL Group Inc, and we have decided to recognize them as our final Member of the Month for 2022. I had the opportunity to speak with Cynthia Stephens, SnL’s Director of Operations and Co-Owner, to showcase their beginning, community involvement and growth, and their upcoming goals. After collaborating with her team, here’s what she said:

How and Why SnL was started 

Eric and Cynthia Stephens purchased B&J Paving in 2013 and formed SnL Group, Inc. with Tim Lewis, hence the S and L.  

Eric’s vision was to complement their other company, Stephens Electrical, by creating a “one stop shop” for the community.  SnL is a general contracting company that has expanded their work from paving and excavating to include site work, structural and flat concrete, underground utilities, wastewater treatment plants, improvements and repairs of sanitary sewers, sewer laterals and much more. This expansion into different aspects of construction, is due to the collaborative and combined experience of our team.  Our team members are highly skilled, certified and driven. They take pride in their workmanship, a quality that SnL’s team holds high. 

SnL’s Importance of Community Involvement 

We invest our time, talent and resources to programs and projects that are beneficial to our community. 

SnL’s dedication to community involvement, is a commitment that all our team members are dedicated to building a better environment for ourselves and others. Creating a better environment and future for our children and families in the community we live in is our mission.  

Our team has contributed their resources & time to community involvement by participating in charities and bringing more awareness to the trades, starting with their own families. Educating their children by taking their children to see their completed projects. By doing this, the children can see the importance of the trades and may continue the legacy of building a community. 

We take pride in our community, and therefore, will contribute as such while taking on projects that are beneficial. Some of our projects include improving schools, upgrading local hang outs & attractions, repairing roads, updating existing and new utilities.  

Upcoming Goals of SnL 

Everything that SnL does is with our mission statement and goals in mind. We will continue to excel and be that example of work and community. SnL will continue to Lead the Way by teaching our unique skills of the trade to anyone that is willing to work hard and has the same desire to make our community a better place. 

We will maintain the highest level of quality and safety, while taking part in building the future of Shasta County and Northern California. We will successfully complete the following projects: 

1.Block 7-Parking Garage and Building B7 (Downtown Redding) 

2.Clear Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Pyrolysis Phase-1 (City of Redding) 

3. Shasta County West Central Landfill—2022 Site Improvements Project 

4. Shasta County Schedule A Water Meter Replacements (Jones Valley) 

5. Shasta College Regional Public Safety Training Center-Phase 3 project 

6. Juniper Elementary School Toilet Room Remodel project  

We would like to once again thank Eric, Cynthia, Tim, and the rest of their team for their consistent support and drive for success in all areas of our community. We are extremely proud to call them our Member of the Month for December 2022. Thank you for being one of the biggest reasons our community and SBE has seen, and will continue to see, the growth we’ve all experienced. Congratulations to SnL Group! We can’t wait to see what more they have in store for themselves, and everyone else.