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Password Managers

Password Managers Help Make Your Digital Life Easier and More Secure

Modern BrowsersPassword managers are one of the best tools for easily managing your ever increasingly complex, digital life. If you are reusing the same password or using simple, easy to guess passwords, it’s time to stop.
I’ve been using password managers for more than 15 years and they keep improving and becoming ever easier to use. Using my fingerprint to open Lastpass and to decrypt the database, I’m able to access 100s and 100s (nearly 500! – I just checked) of passwords in moments. Or, if my phone (with its handy fingerprint reader isn’t on hand), I can log into my vault with my super-secret, memorable 25-character master passphrase.

I have used number of password managers, but found two that worked best for me over the years, and one that has dislodged all other suitors in this category: Lastpass. Among the reasons that I switched from 1Password to Lastpass, the most critical were:

  1. Cross-platform compatibility (Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, Web, Chrome, etc)
  2. Price (free or $1/month for the premium features, no limit to the number of sites or accounts)
  3. Ease of Use (extensions and autofill features seemed to work more consistently than those of the competitors)

Read the Engadget review or, the exhaustive, review at The Wirecutter.

“If you’re not using a password manager, start now. As we wrote in Password Managers Are for Everyone—Including You, a password manager makes you less vulnerable online by generating strong random passwords, syncing them securely across your browsers and devices so they’re easily accessible everywhere, and filling them in automatically when needed. After 15 hours of research and testing, we believe that LastPass is the best password manager for most people. It has all the essential features plus some handy extras, it works with virtually any browser on any device, and most of its features are free.” Source: The best password managers

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