SBE Political Action

Shasta Builders’ Exchange Political Action Committee (BEPAC)

SBE Political Action Committee / Purpose

  • To promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging and stimulating the construction industry and their associations and others to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs
  • To encourage the construction industry and their associates and others to understand the nature and actions of their government, and to inform them as to the records of local office-holders and candidates for elective office.
  • To assist the construction industry, their associates, personnel, and others in organizing themselves for more effective political action and for carrying out their other civic responsibilities.
  • To encourage maximum participation in political affairs of other organizations having concerns common to the construction industry.To support local candidates for election to City, County, State and National political offices, to the local elected boards, and other public offices.
  • To work for the appointment of objective-minded individuals to local Boards and Commissions.
  • To support legislative matters that would be of concern to the construction industry.
  • To support the activities of other organizations who support the activities of other organizations who support the goals of the construction industry.
  • To raise funds for the support of these objective
  • The purpose of the Shasta BEPAC is to promote the significant role of the building industry to the elected officials and the community, and to create a political climate in the north state that encourages profitable building through decreased regulation and lower fees; as well as more governmental accountability, transparency and efficiency.

How does BEPAC work?

BEPAC consists of a committee, who represents all trades in the industry. The committee operates objectively on behalf of the members of our association; prioritizing on what is true, honorable and right for the industry and the community.
The committee interviews and then makes recommendations to the Shasta Builders’ Exchange Board of Directors on which candidates to support based on the candidate’s voting record on issues important to the building industry, the candidate’s leadership position, and the candidate’s understanding of the issues builders face and their readiness to assist when these issues arise.

Voice of the Industry

Shasta Builders’ Exchange members become part of a powerful and respected advocate. BEPAC is committed to build strong relationships at the local government level that benefit our members, our industry, and most importantly our community. We collaborate with Shasta Voices in developing data driven policy solutions that bolster our economy. Our focus is on building consensus around solution-oriented proposals. BEPAC meets with local government elected officials and senior-level staff to discuss policy issues affecting the industry and to advocate for our policy positions.

Value of BEPAC

Without BEPAC, decisions affecting the future of the industry will be influenced by other industries and voluntary contributions of our membership that BEPAC can help preserve a positive political climate for the building and development industry in the north state

Shasta Political Action Committee (BEPAC)

Charlie Smith, Slakey Brothers
Dan Batman, Builders Door & Window
Don Ajamian, Don Ajamian Construction
Ed Harrison, Timberline HVAC
John Tetens, North Valley Distributing
Les Melburg, Nichols Melburg & Rosetto
Phil Watkins, InterWest Insurance
Rick Boudro, Cascade Comfort Services