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GSBE Business Update 01/12/21

CA PROPOSES $4.5 BILLION IN JANUARY BUDGET TO HELP STRENGTHEN ECONOMY Funds would provide an additional $575 million for California’s small businesses, $777 million for The California Jobs Initiative, and funding for housing, EV adoption, workforce development initiatives, and fee waivers for some small businesses. Read … read more

GSBE Business Update 01/11/2021

GOV MADE THREE APPOINTMENTS TO CAL/OSHA STANDARDS BOARD Filling a long-time vacancy on the Cal/OSHA Standard Board, Governor Newsom named construction safety professional Kathleen “Kate” Crawford to the position.  The seat has been vacant since 2018. Crawford fills the open seat on the seven-member board and is … read more

GSBE Business Update 01/04/2021

ATTENTION SMALL BUSINESSES AND NONPROFITS – $500 MILLION IN GRANTS COMING SOON  If you own a small business or manage a nonprofit, keep an eye out for an upcoming $500 million grant program that could give you up to $25,000. Sign up HERE to get updates on when grants become available and … read more

Capitol Connections 01/04/2021
Capitol Connection CSLB Answers

LLC Registration, Bankruptcy, and Employee Theft It’s just unfortunate our first contractor’s situation is dire, but as in many things, there is a ‘silver lining’ regarding their license status. Another contractor’s discovery is also ‘good news/ bad news’, actually, it’s all ‘sad’ at present. I … read more

Capitol Connections 12/23/2020

Waiver Limit And HOA Rules “Who you going to call?” If you’re a contractor, it won’t be the Ghostbusters. Assisting contractors for these many years I can go ‘faster than a speeding locomotive’ to get a final answer from the top! Did I just mix … read more