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NorCal CRT Seeks Help From Local Contractors & Suppliers

(an open letter from Don Ajamian) To my community, I wanted to bring your attention to a group I am volunteering with, NorCal CRT, that is dedicated to the Long-Term Recovery our community from the devastation experienced from the Carr and Delta Fires. The NorCal … read more

Top OSHA Safety Meeting Apps & Training For 2019

Check out our top picks for OSHA safety meeting apps for 2019. Maintain your business’ OSHA compliance and employee safety with one of these easy to use apps.

Shasta County Inspection Request Change
Time to Request Inspection

Update from the Department of Resource Management Building Division The Department of Resource Management Building Division is in the process of adjusting the time for requesting a building permit inspection. Starting Monday January 14th, 2019, building inspection requests will need to be scheduled before 3:00 … read more

OSHA Classes Redding 2019

Northern California OSHA Training Courses – Redding, CA The OSHA Training Institute Education Center is offering its OSHA Training Courses in Redding, CA to students in the Northern California Area. This expansion brings vital OSHA training courses geographically closer to our Northern California students and allows … read more

State Leader
Golden State Plan Service Leaders

THANK YOU! Your Membership and Support Made This Possible Three years ago, the Shasta Builders’ Exchange joined with Placer County Contractors Association to help create a unified, statewide planroom network. This collaboration allowed Shasta Builders’ Exchange to offer far more projects than ever before, eliminated duplications, … read more

Golf 2018
Golf2018 Candelaria

Shasta Builders’ Exchange and the Charles Candelaria Memorial Foundation Team Up for the Trades via Action News Now Community members and business leaders in Redding gathered Friday to raise money for a good and have a little fun doing it. Dozens of golfers gave it … read more Comes to California!
ElectricalLicenseRenewal California-Electrical-License-Renewal-32-Hours

Mandatory Electrical License Renewal Costs Reduced By 75% With Local Merger Online Electrical License Renewal / Electrical Continuing Education provider partners with local non-profit trade school. SAN JOSE, Calif., May 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Comes to California! Online Electrical License Renewal with will … read more

GM CAP Program
GM CAP Fleet Save Money

Contractors are Costing Themselves Thousands of Dollars by Not Understanding This One Simple Hack | Learning What it All Means with the Builders Exchange / General Motors CAP Program The construction industry is full steam ahead. No matter where you look or who you talk … read more

Do You Have an Unpermitted Structure?
Unpermitted Structure - Yellow Shed

Do you have an unpermitted structure on your property that’s stopping you from finishing a project or selling your home? Do you have an unpermitted structure that is stopping you from being able to finish a project on your property? Or even worse, preventing you … read more

Capitol Connection 10/21/2019
California Capitol Building.Shasta Builders Exchange. Photo by Jeff Turner

Reciprocity, Indemnity Exposure And “A”/”B” Exam Waiver Rule What the company wants the company gets! Another contractor gets a ‘stranger things’ feeling, while another gets ‘referred’ for a second opinion. A reminder for all contractors on ‘reciprocity’ state by state… Q:  My company wanted me to … read more

Capitol Connection 10/14/2019
California Capitol Building.Shasta Builders Exchange. Photo by Jeff Turner

License Processing, LLC General Liability and Federal Bids It’s good to be ‘ahead’ of the curve! A question of ‘liability’, before a ‘two for one’ inquiry. Two other contractors get an answer and a solution as we assist contractors every day… Q: My license will … read more

Capitol Connection 10/01/2019
California Capitol Building.Shasta Builders Exchange. Photo by Jeff Turner

Unrelated Trades, Qualifier Risk And Unwritten Rules On HOA Contracting While the rules are written in contractor law sometimes the interpretation can be challenged and changed. That also applies to licensing questions here. We go back to the future for a new take on a … read more

Capitol Connection 9/24/2019
Capitol Connection CSLB Answers

Disassociation Notice, Solar Disclosures And Unlicensed Subs If your worker ‘subverts’ the truth about his licensing are you ‘generally’ in trouble? There’s no place like ‘homeowner’s association’, I enlighten a contractor on a solar question and prevent an ‘alteration’ that would get another nothing but … read more

Capitol Connection 09/23/2019
Capitol Connection CSLB Answers

Qualifying Multiple Licenses, Fire Prevention Rule, And Swift Justice Props to a publisher who gets a ‘swift’ pat on the back, a good answer for a helpful pair and we get ‘real’, really… It’s great to see the work of the CSLB SWIFT enforcement teams … read more