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Contractors are Costing Themselves Thousands of Dollars by Not Understanding This One Simple Hack |
Learning What it All Means with the Builders Exchange / General Motors CAP Program

The construction industry is full steam ahead. No matter where you look or who you talk to, they all say the same thing. “We have more work than we can handle.”

As great as that sounds, we know for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. More work leads to more expense. More expense, means you MUST identify new ways to increase your profit margins. As well as, identifying unique and legal ways to save your hard-earned capital. No cutting corners!

I’m writing this to inform you that many contractors, like yourself, across the entire United States, are making HUGE mistakes concerning one of their largest expenses. Company vehicles. These mistakes are easy to make, as the Fleet industry can be extremely difficult to navigate. It requires a savvy understanding of how it all works. An understanding only gained through experience. Until I was in the business, I had no idea how this industry operated. Nor was I very confident when it came to the purchase of a new vehicle.

Fleet Identification Numbers, FAN codes, CAP codes, retail incentives, fleet incentives, and CAP Incentives. What makes a business eligible? What disqualifies a business from receiving these top-tier vehicle incentives? What does it all mean?

Let’s break it down…

Typically, “Fleet pricing” is reserved for businesses operating with 15 or more vehicles OR for businesses that agree to purchase five or more VEHICLES within a calendar year. Any company looking to be recognized as a “Fleet Customer” must provide paperwork, proving they meet this criterion. If approved, the company is then issued its own fleet identification number or FIN code. This identification number enables the company to purchase vehicles at “Fleet Pricing.” No matter the manufacturer, these rules always apply. 

Unfortunately, this criterion tends to rule out nearly 80% of the contractors in the United States. Leaving them at the mercy of retail vehicle incentives. Retail incentives, are the incentives we see on the commercials and/or the incentives that you and I would receive when walking into a dealership off the street. Looking to purchase a vehicle for ourselves. Furthermore, the absolute best pricing is reserved for companies that frequently cycle vehicles. These companies typically purchase 15 or more vehicles within a calendar year. Ruling out even more of the contractors operating in the United States. These companies have the leverage to negotiate what is called a Competitive Assistance Program or CAP.

For the most part, this has always been the case. That is until very recently, when a Cleveland Ohio-based fleet management company, worked diligently to negotiate a vehicle incentive program, on behalf of a large construction association. An association in which most of the member companies are smaller contractors, unrecognized as “Fleet” customers.

GM CAP Fleet Cadillacs TooBy leveraging the buying power of thousands of these members companies, the fleet management company was able to get General Motors to jointly sponsor a Competitive Assistance Program. Or CAP. (The highest tier of vehicle incentives offered by General Motors.) Enabling businesses, unrecognized as “fleet” by the auto industry, to receive better than Fleet pricing, on the majority of 2018 General Motors vehicle makes and models. Including GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac. This program quickly being referred to as “THE CAP OF ALL CAPS” honors savings of up to $7,300. The savings negotiated for this program vary based on vehicle make and model.


Armed with this knowledge it is easy to see, the HUGE mistake many contractors are making throughout the United States, is…

Not utilizing this program when purchasing company owned vehicles. PERIOD.

On top of that, some that hear about it, make the mistake of assuming General Motors dealerships do not want to honor the incentives, in this very unique competitive assistance program. Wrong again. GM dealerships are chomping at the bit, looking to use this program to save you thousands of dollars on your next company vehicle purchase.

This extremely unique CAP program has already saved member companies collectively over $400,000 in just a few months’ time.

Personally, I was able to help a small interior contractor, purchase a brand new built from the factory, 2018 Silverado work truck, cheaper than they could find one used.

It’s time… Time for contractors to stop costing themselves money. Time to stop leaving thousands of dollars on the table, when purchasing new vehicles for their company. It’s time for you to keep that hard-earned capital. Time for you to get hip to the Fleet industry. It could not be made any easier.

It’s time for everyone to win, when purchasing vehicles for their company.


 DO NOT buy another vehicle for your business without looking into the most unique auto buying program the construction industry has ever seen.

Stop wasting money! Start purchasing vehicles like the savviest of big-time fleet managers.

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by:  Eric Pratt – Momentum Fleet Management Group