Preferred Vendor Program



The Shasta Builders Exchange has noticed a rising need to connect our 600+ members to local businesses in the surrounding area. We get frequent calls from our members asking us for suggestions on who we would recommend for whatever their current needs are, whether it’s a service, product or otherwise. Because of these constant inquiries, we are proud to introduce our Preferred Vendor Program.

How it Works

The fundamentals of the program are simple. If some of our members enjoy using you, many more of our members would probably like to use you in their business, but have not been formally introduced. This program will allow us to connect our 600+ members with those “Preferred Vendors” to create a win/win situation.

The program is simple. Preferred Vendors offer our Members some sort of discount on your service or product. Our members will produce a membership card at the time of purchase so that you can ensure that this program remains exclusive and your discount remains valuable. We will list your company in our weekly bulletin and website in a dedicated area designed to get our members to do business with you. Your exposure to potential patrons will increase, and the program should increase your business exponentially, while providing a very valuable discount to our members.

The Shasta Builders Exchange is committed to serving all of our members equally. Because of this we will not limit the program to one type of each vendor. We will publish all of our Preferred Vendors equally, and will promote them all. However, the strength of the discount you are offering will obviously have an impact on the amount of patrons you attract.


The requirements to participate in this program are few:

Preferred Vendors must be a member of the Shasta Builders Exchange to participate. In exchange for becoming a member, not only do you get to participate in this program that will stimulate your business, but you will also reap all of the other benefits that our regular members enjoy. If you are already one of our members, you already qualify.

You must offer our members an exclusive discount on services or product. The discount and the parameters are set by you, the business Owner. You are in complete control. We are confident that by giving you that control you will set the discount accordingly and logically in a way that will maximize your potential with our members.

How can I become a Preferred Vendor?

Simply come up with a discount that you are willing to offer our 600+ members. Contact the Shasta Builders Exchange to enroll in our program and begin to enjoy the benefit of advertising your business to a very large and respectable organization. We expect this program to boost our Preferred Vendors businesses substantially, while simultaneously providing our members with a valuable resource, so don’t delay! Enroll Now!

Contact Information

For more information on this program, or to enroll now, Contact Taylor Black at (530) 221-5556. You can also email her at