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THANK YOU! Your Membership and Support Made This Possible

Golden State Plan Service LeadersThree years ago, the Shasta Builders’ Exchange joined with Placer County Contractors Association to help create a unified, statewide planroom network. This collaboration allowed Shasta Builders’ Exchange to offer far more projects than ever before, eliminated duplications, and terminated “crossover” fees saving many of our members hundreds and, for a few, thousands of dollars!

In June, our competitor’s network, the Federation of California Builders’ Exchanges (CalBX), collapsed and our neighboring exchanges in Chico, Sac, and Santa Rosa joined our network, the Golden State Plan Service. With these new partners, our coverage of North State projects eclipses all other services in both quality and quantity.

So, thanks to you, the members of the Shasta Builders’ Exchange, for helping us found the best plan network in California.

Chad Scott
Member Services and Planroom Coordinator
Shasta Builders’ Exchange

Please read Jeff Henry’s (from Placer County Contractors Association) recent post about these exciting changes. His efforts have been critical in creating and growing the GSPS:

There are a lot of questions being sent our way in regards to a recent significant change in the way that the Planroom network throughout California functions.

I would like to share a brief outline of what has been occurring and where it has led.

About 3 years ago, The PCCA and a group of planrooms across California chose to create a single database for our projects. It was our goal to eliminate duplication of projects, and provide a more comprehensive single source database so that our members were seeing all of the bidding general contractors. We knew how frustrating it could be to spend weeks and months bidding on a project only to have the bid go to a General Contractor that you didn’t know was holding a set of plans. We sought to change this. We formed the Golden State Plan Service (GSPS). The PCCA worked hard to help this network evolve.

We didn’t have all of the planrooms in the state join us, but we had most of them. Other planrooms chose to go a different route, and they formed an organization called CalBX. They had similar goals and visions, but they simply chose to use a different online planroom format.

We have always known that a single network was the best way to serve our members, as we wanted the consolidated database that put all of the projects into our system providing the most detail possible while accessing a single site.

Over the course of the past few years more and more of the other planrooms came into our GSPS network. Last month, the remaining CalBX network members approached us and wished to discontinue their online planroom system and enter ours. We agreed, knowing that this was the best way to expand our reach, locate even more projects, and put even more planrooms into the role of searching out projects for you to bid on. We are extremely happy that we can now state that Every Single Builders Exchange and Contractors Association using an online planroom network in California is in OUR network. There is no greater coverage, anywhere. There isn’t a larger network anywhere in the nation.

And, your PCCA is the largest plan supplier into that network.

We would not be here if not for your support, your membership, your use of the planroom system. Our members have been there for us when we were a small, local association out of Auburn. Our members have been there for us as we struggled to create work when there was little to be found. Our members have been there with us as we grew, expanded and pushed to be a leading association defining what the New Planroom was going to be. For that we are grateful.

We are grateful for our Board of Directors who struggled to find our place in the world as the old planroom model became obsolete. While others closed and retreated from a weak economy, our Board embraced an aggressive expansion plan and supported the creation of this new state-wide system. The PCCA region is the largest supplier of projects in the entire state, our local presence is unmatched.
Please remember their efforts as the upcoming Board of Director Elections are held! Cheryl Gibson, Patrick Remington, Jeff Murray, Edward Johnson, Yuriy Fox, Denise Haycock, Adam Noorani, Nicholas Forestiere and Neil Beeman have volunteered their time and energy to help promote and encourage the future of our association.

This effort to secure more projects and provide a comprehensive list of bidders is the backbone of our system. We believe it is why the last remaining planrooms that were not in our network have asked to come in.
The Sacramento Builders Exchange, North Coast Builders Exchange, Central California Builders Exchange, Bay Area Builders Exchange and Valley Contractors Exchange are the latest planrooms to join our network. We are happy to have them, and look forward to expanding the membership across the entire state. We now have a single goal and mission, provide the largest single database of actual going to ground projects that can be found anywhere, backed by a detailed list of the generals, subs and suppliers who are looking to bid on the projects.

It’s now time to start asking your contractors to post the plans here. It’s time to stop looking for projects across a dozen bookmarked sites. Let’s all take this amazingly powerful platform and turn it up to it’s maximum potential. We got this far with your membership and support. Imagine what we can do next!

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more about where we go from here.

On behalf of the PCCA Board of Directors and Staff,
Thank you!
Jeff Henry
Executive Vice President