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SBE Submits to Security Audit and Passes** (mostly)

ac-logo-line-light-900Shasta Builders’ Exchange recently invited the security team from Advanced Concepts of Redding to perform a Security Assessment of our network and technology assets. What an eye-opening, useful and pleasant experience!

Steve Cassel and his partner spent a little more than an hour examining our network, the server, workstations, other attached devices and inventoried the older, unconnected systems (used mostly by students of the Trade School). This survey is required to provide a detailed and personalized report that Steve presented in a sit-down meeting the following week. (note: access to the server is required for the software to run properly)

The report was very professional. Both the summary and recommendation documents were nicely bound and were used exhaustively as we navigated every page and discussed the significance of each evaluation.

As a result, SBE has already implemented many of the recommendations and will continue to roll-out additional solutions over the coming days. Luckily, SBE scored well overall and most of the improvements are more about implementing best practices than about super scary security situation.

At least one SBE member has already fallen victim to a ransomware attack and, as I understand it, that was a considerable headache for all involved.
You probably already secure the tools, equipment, and materials of your business, it may be time to double-check that the technology side of your business is secured as well.

Advanced Concepts offers many levels of service tailored to suit the needs of local businesses from simple intrusion monitoring to full, security-centric IT support. Contact the Advanced Concept crew at 530-222-26000 or