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Capitol Connection 12/16/2019
Department of Industrial Relations

Removing A Class, “D” Questions And Business Names Well, it could be 20 questions, but this contractor will require a ‘special’ answer many can learn from before they send that application in. Knowing how rule interpretation changes over time is the reason why Capitol Services … read more

Capitol Connection 12/09/2019
Capitol Connection CSLB Answers

CSLB Exam Language Translators And Temporary Licenses Back to the future as we remind an aspiring applicant to ‘just say no,’ until the license is in his pocket! Let me ‘translate’ this because it may be foreign to you, but it’s an English-only contractor’s exam, … read more

GSBE Business Update 12/09/2019
GSBE Golden State Builders Exchanges

How California is rewriting the law on online privacy Our actions online have created a vast trove of information worth billions of dollars. Every time we search, click, shop, watch, send, receive, delete or download, we create a trail of data that companies can use … read more

Capitol Connection 12/02/2019
California Capitol Building.Shasta Builders Exchange. Photo by Jeff Turner

“D-64”, License Cancellation And Water Jets Let’s jet! An interesting question will require an additional expert in creating this ‘structure’ change. A sudden loss will prompt a need for change in license status. While it’s not good advice to argue with the law, sometimes it’s … read more

GSBE Business Update 11/25/2019
GSBE Golden State Builders Exchanges

CA Building Decarbonization Workforce Needs & Recommendations UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation released their report “CA Building Decarbonization Workforce Needs & Recommendations,” finds that eliminating gas from all residential and commercial buildings in  California, which currently account “for 10-15%” of  the state’s fossil fuel emissions, in favor … read more