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GSBE Business Update 11/30/2020

COVID Regulatory Update
Cal/OSHA convened a meeting to vote on an emergency regulation pertaining to the policies and protocols employers could be required to comply with around COVID-19 regulations. SRBX submitted public comments to address specific areas of concern about how this regulation could impact the construction industry. Additionally, CBA singed onto a coalition letter that addressed additional concerns with the regulation at all levels.

Auditor: State wasted $2.7 billion for affordable housing
CA’s top auditing official released a scathing report that CA only built 19k of the 125k affordable units annually needed to meet demand, largely due to the complicated and uncoordinated web of agencies that finance such projects resulting in a $2.7 billion waste. SRBX will be working with our industry partners to work with legislators to craft solutions to address this egregious mismanagement.

New Pathway to Use Vacant Retail Space for Housing? 

Exchanges have been at the forefront of research on utilizing various county’s vacant or underperforming retail spaces for housing. Now, a new law provides mixed-use development owners with a tool to convert poorly performing, ground floor retail space to economically feasible accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Read more.

Businesses Need More Stimulus Aid 

Congress has still not moved another stimulus plan forward to provide relief to American businesses. About 300 businesses who received as much as half a billion dollars in assistance through the Paycheck Protection Program have filed for bankruptcy as COVID-19 ravages their revenues. Businesses throughout our region and nationwide need another stimulus package as soon as possible. 

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