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GSBE Business Update 09/14/20

CDC: Beware of counterfeit N95 masks 

Recently updated guidance from the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health lists dozens of types of counterfeit N95 respirator masks that could put contractors’ health at risk. Here’s what to look for.

Case Against Commercial Tax Increase Continues to Grow—Save Prop 13 Protections!

This year’s state ballot proposal (Prop 15) to increase property taxes on commercial and industrial properties would be detrimental to small businesses, construction, and consumers alike, which is why we have been opposed to it from the start. The Reasons why split roll is a bad idea, in general but especially now as businesses are struggling under pandemic conditions, continue to arise. Read more and vote NO on Prop 15 this November!

Construction Disappointed as Legislature Kills Most Significant Housing Bills

This has been an unprecedented session as COVID-19 shifted focus and forced two prolonged shutdowns at the Capitol. However, the most impactful housing bills—the number one priority before the pandemic—are dead for now due to disagreements between the Assembly and Senate and opposition from environmental and labor groups. Bills like AB 3279, which would have made reasonable fixes to CEQA, and SB 902, which would have allowed cities to streamline zoning allowing more homes near transit and jobs, stalled in Committees. Despite State leadership commitment to meaningfully address the housing crisis, proposals that would a real difference were squashed. Rest assured, we remain committed to resurfacing these issues next session.

In Case You Missed It…

Time to Reopen Businesses Safely. The Furloughs & Layoffs are Frightening

  • In 23 weeks, more than 58 million Americans have filed for unemployment insurance — that’s more than the number of claims filed during the Great Recession. Downsizing of the workforce is underway, here are some recent announcements:
  • Disneyland Resort’s massive workforce is still largely furloughed.
  • United Airlines to furlough 16,370 employees once federal aid expires on October 1.
  • HSBC, Europe’s biggest bank, announced plans to cut 35,000 jobs — or 15% of its global workforce — across the US and Europe.
  • NBCUniversal started layoffs on August 4, impacting its broadcast networks, movie studio, and theme parks. The company is expected to cut less than 10% of its 35,000-person workforce.
  • AT&T employees said the wireless carrier will lay off 3,400 and shut down more than 250 stores.
  • MGM Resorts is laying off 18,000 previously furloughed employees.
  • WarnerMedia started layoffs on August 10. The first round of cuts are expected to impact 600 employees, mostly at Warner Bros.
  • View a complete roundup of major layoff and furlough announcements,here.

Judge Orders UC system to Halt All Use of SAT and ACT During Admissions

In light of COVID-19, some UC schools have opted to omit or give applicants the option of submitting test scores through fall 2022. A judge’s new ruling now requires the UC system to suspend all use of SAT and ACT scores for admission.