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GSBE Business Update 02/17/2020

Design-build takes hold in all but 2 states

In the last 25 years, the design-build delivery method has caught on with not just contractors but also government officials, customers and jurisdictions across the country. The method is now allowed on at least some types of public projects in all but two states, Iowa and North Dakota (Wisconsin is the most recent state to embrace design-build). California and Washington state have led the rise of progressive design-build, which facilitates involvement of the design-build team during the earliest stages of the owner’s project development, ensuring they are part of the project team developing design solutions. Read entire article here.

Infrastructure Might be Dead

House Democratic leaders unveiled their $760 billion, five-year infrastructure proposal with a focus on climate change. As you may recall, following a meeting in April 2019 with Democratic leaders at the White House, Democratic Leaders emerged announcing that President Trump had agreed on a $2 trillion proposed infrastructure plan. Then, of course, came the impeachment inquiry and the predictable acquittal. Now, it’s less about addressing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure and more about politics. By unveiling a proposal with an emphasis on climate change and leaving it to President Trump to make good on his promises of being the “builder president” and with no way to adequately fund it, Congressional Democrats are attempting to drive home the message that President Trump hasn’t delivered on his promises or, alternatively, that they have delivered on theirs, all in anticipation of the November elections. Infrastructure, in short, is dead.

Heads I Win, Tales You Lose. Court Finds Indemnity Provision Went Too Far

We all love indemnity clauses when we can dictate their terms. However, Margaret Williams, LLC, while based on some pretty unique facts, provides an example of when indemnity provisions can go too far. Read entire article here.


The campaign to save Proposition 13 against being dismantled by the split roll property tax measure on the November 2020 ballot is gaining momentum and is signing-up more people and companies every day. Are you doing what you can to protect yourself from an $11 BILLION yearly tax increase? Click here to check out the new website, now known as “Save Prop 13,” and join the effort. The website is where you will find information about the benefits of Prop. 13 and how removing protections from commercial properties will have a massively negative impact on the state’s economy.