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Forum II: Redding Development Impact Fees

Forum II: Redding Development Impact Fees / the Community’s Perspective

Redding Development Impact Fees The Community’s PerspectiveForum II was presented by Shasta Voices and the Shasta Builders’ Exchange.

Our goal for the Forums is to Develop our Economy…thus providing the vital resources that promote job growth, create revenue streams, support vital services like public safety, and ultimately improve our quality of life.

We all view the world from our own perspective.  For the most part, we are caring and concerned, so, when questioned, we tend to defend our perspective. An unfortunate consequence is… we may close our ears and our minds to other options and ideas. And this is how silos are built. We separate, we isolate…we create a void that soon gets filled with misinformation, distrust, over-reaction and …sometimes anger. This only clouds logic, distorts judgment…and stands firmly in the way of progress

Our purpose is to pull back the curtain:

  • provide Information
  • gain understanding
  • improve communication
  • build consensus
  • create collaboration
  • forge common purpose
  • inspire transformation

The result… the foundation is formed for vibrant economic development

Key to remember (and repeat often in those trying situations)

It Is Never About Who Is Right… And It’s Always About What Is Right…for Our Community

In The Coming Jobs War, Gallup Chairman Jim Clifton, makes the bold assertion that job creation and successful entrepreneurship are the world’s most pressing issues right now…

Business and community leaders should focus on creating good jobs because as jobs go, so does the fate of (cities, states, and nations). Jobs bring prosperity, peace, and human development.

In difficult times, it is easy to focus on what is wrong, wallow in what could have, or should have been…and “blame throw”

BUT…It is a collaborative effort, built on cooperation and compromise, that will transform our community from good to great!