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In support of the construction of the new Bethel Campus.

The following is a copy of the letter I sent to each Redding City Council member.  This letter is in support of the construction of the ~$96 Million Bethel Campus.  The project has been approved by the Redding City Planning Commission and will appear before the Redding City Council on Tuesday, December 5, 2017.

(update: Redding City Council approved the project 4-0 with one recusal. Read more at

November 21, 2017

Council Members
Redding City Council
777 Cypress Avenue
Redding, CA 96001

Dear Council Members,

I represent a membership of approximately 500 businesses and our organization supports a stable and sustainable economic future in Shasta County and across the north state.

We want to express our complete support for the development of the Bethel campus. Over the past two and half years, throughout the EIR process, Bethel Church has actively engaged the public through multiple neighborhood meetings.

In 279 pages, the final EIR document addresses each and every concern and much more, offering solutions that will not only mitigate those concerns but provide other infrastructure improvements that will benefit the entire community.

I sincerely appreciate the concerns of the neighbors who will be impacted by this project. But, we have to look at the impact on our community when we don’t have development.  We lack the tax base to provide basic and vital services like police, fire, and mental health.

Removing any other lens, let’s approach this from an economic development prospective.  Bethel Church began in Redding in 1949. They are a perfect example of how a small, local business can grow into a large, successful economic engine for a community such as ours. They have brought more people into our area than just about any other business.  Entrepreneurs, medical and mental health professionals, civic leaders, teachers, students, and many more are proud and productive members of our community.  As an organization, Bethel inspires and promotes a high level of volunteerism adding needed value at so many levels in our community.  And they have remained loyal and stayed in this area for 68 years rather than relocating to larger communities in California.

This development is exactly the kind of quality growth that Redding and Shasta County seek on a regular basis, and it has not been easy to attract. With your vote, you have an opportunity to encourage this continued beneficial growth and success.

This is a $96 M project of great economic benefit to our community. The 36.5 acres of development includes a 171,668 square foot church with a 2,600 seat auditorium and a school campus.  Nearly 1000 trees will be planted on the property. It will create a large number of both construction and related jobs while being built and permanent jobs when it is completed. It will bring even more quality people to the Redding area who will invest in our community and continue to create positive economic growth.

Please certify the Final EIR and approve this Planned Development.  It is right for our community.

Thank you for your time and careful consideration.



Joe Chimenti
Executive Director
Shasta Builders’ Exchange