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What’s in Your Tool Box?

Jordan Reed - What's in your Tool Box?On Tuesday evening, September 19, I had the pleasure of making a presentation about the Trade School to the Redding City Council, City Staff, the news media, and about 60 citizens. I find that every time I talk about the school, I reaffirm my commitment to its importance to our community.

As I mentioned in last week’s Summary, we need to train our young people and create career paths. The skilled trades provide an excellent living for those willing to put in the training and effort.

Our goal is to get the construction industry and the community to provide the support necessary to help us build the premier Trade School right here in Shasta County.

It is fair to say that everyone (well, I hope everyone) supports education. We all see the value of teaching our young people, developing their skills & talents, and witnessing the value they create for themselves, their families, and our community. Now, we need to accelerate this for trade skills training. Sadly, an entire generation of high school students has grown up without woodshop or auto shop, or any of the trade skills. Instead, they were “forced to focus” on college. And for many young people that was not the right path. We need to provide all of our young people with the tools necessary to succeed.

Please…share our goal with everyone you know. And have them share it with everyone they know. Talk about it at social events and on social media. Talk to your children.

Remember: “Today, skilled trades are in demand. In fact, there are over 3 million jobs out there that companies are having a hard time filling.” – Mike Rowe

The opportunities are there for those with the right tools… So, What’s in Your Tool Box?