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“There’s something happening here…what it is ain’t exactly clear” – Buffalo Springfield

I found this article in the Record Searchlight that was published by Business Advice Source.  I took some excerpts to share

“In 2011 Redding was considered one of the top sunniest places….   Even with its proximity to the mountains, Redding is known for its relatively mild winters and an assortment of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, fishing, boating, biking, and more…   Redding is a small and quiet community which a large appreciation for nature and local wildlife.   …Nearby attractions include the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, which is complete with twenty acres of discovery opportunity as well as a museum.  …Enjoy a relaxing rural environment with a low crime rate and weekly events such as Marketfest.”

Vision and GrowthWOW!  What a difference 6 years makes!  I know we have to deal with the “enlightened” political leanings from Sacramento (like AB 109, Prop 47, and Prop 57).  But still, when I read the newspaper, or go to City Council or Board of Supervisors’ meetings, I hear a very different review of our community.   Property crime, homelessness, escalating violence, increased drug abuse, sex trafficking…and a long list of all the things we cannot do because we have no money.  A reasonable person must stop and ponder…what is happening here?

Well, in my humble opinion, unfortunately, we have allowed these occurrences to define us.  And, even more damaging, we have allowed them to divide us.

We live in a dynamic world.  We can like it, we can hate, and we can certainly debate it.  But the time has come to act… NOW!  We need a detailed plan…TODAY!  We no longer have the luxury of 12 months or 6 months.  No time for 3rd party consulting.  Using the Executive management we have in place at both City & County, and our Elected, we need a plan!

Key Issues:

  • Trust must be re-established between our community leaders and our community.  We must all listen.  We want the same thing:  a better quality of life.
  • We, as a community, must focus on the solutions to our must pressing issues
    • Lack of good paying jobs
      • Create a business friendly environment. Make Redding and Shasta County a destination for businesses of  all sizes
    • Homelessness
      • Enact an enforceable policy and implement a plan for moving transients and the homeless from our streets and parks. Let’s provide those who want and need help, with help.  We need to better manage this issue.
    • Need for increased public safety
      • Recruit from area police and fire academies. Young people starting their careers have 20 to 30+ years to plan their retirements.  Pay a competitive salary and reduce unsustainable benefits.
    • Control rising personnel costs
      • Taxpayer money must only be spent where it is absolutely needed. For example, if we cannot hire, or we lose, a good government employee because we cannot compensate them at the level they feel they deserve, then let them exercise their right to pursue the open market and benefit from “free agency”.
    • Find jail space for criminals in surrounding counties and search for grants and other resources to build and run ARC
  • Promote the things we do right as a community
    • Let’s fill our news and newspapers with MORE success stories (local theater, music, outdoor recreation, local sports, mountain bike races, restaurants, special events, business opportunities, etc) and LESS “Shasta County’s Most Wanted”.

There’s something happening here… And we better make it exactly clearwhat we are going to do about it!

by Joe Chimenti