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Timing is everything.

Chief of PoliceMr. Tippin’s promotion to Redding’s City Manager was met with some concern, some skepticism, and even some anger as it was announced at the June 6 City Council meeting. As I mentioned in a previous article, whether we agree or disagree with the decision, it is the City Council’s decision to make. So, by a vote of 4 in favor, 1 opposed, Mr. Tippin took the “1st chair”.

Given his experience and understanding of the numerous problems facing our City, I am hopeful a detailed plan is coming soon.  So, here is where I get confused. Why dismiss the Police Chief…now?

I am not making an argument in favor of…or against…Chief Paoletti. I do believe he is a dedicated cop committed to serving his department and protecting our community. Whether he did that…or not…I guess will be the discussion for all of us for the next few weeks. Either way, the Chief is on to the next chapter of his professional life.

I respect that the Chief serves at the pleasure of the City Manager. And I respect that the City Manager can select the person he feels best fits his vision and management style. What I struggle with is the timing.

This community is polarized enough. A local group has introduced a recall of certain Council Members. Distrust, anger, concern, and confusion are rampant. And now we add the dismissal of our Police Chief to this “firestorm”. Again, I am NOT arguing the merits of this decision…just the timing.

When Mr. Tippin rolls out his strategic plan (soon I hope)…that would have been the perfect opportunity to transition the “top cop” position. With this approach, the transition is made smoothly, the reasons for which are clearly articulated in Mr. Tippin’s plan.

Adding chaos to an already chaotic situation serves no one.  It certainly does not instill confidence in outside investors, whose capital and business acumen our economy desperately needs.

Great leaders understand the power of both action and timing. And, in my humble opinion, timing is everything.