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Do You Have an Unpermitted Structure?

Do you have an unpermitted structure on your property that’s stopping you from finishing a project or selling your home?

Do you have an unpermitted structure that is stopping you from being able to finish a project on your property? Or even worse, preventing you from being able to sell your home? Potential buyers may be turned away from your home if they discover you have an unpermitted structure on the property.

Unpermitted structure - CabinThe City of Redding or Shasta County’s building department can stop you from getting a new permit issued if the building inspector discovers a structure on your property that lacks a permit.

Most homeowners with unpermitted structures or additions don’t even realize they have them until they go to make an addition to their property. In most cases, the homeowner bought a house with an addition already built, not realizing that it was not part of the original as-built permit.

Another common scenario is a homeowner has an unpermitted shed or small barn built on their property, not realizing that any permanent structure over 120sq feet requires a building permit.

Once you realize you need a permit it can be confusing figuring out how to get a permit for a pre-existing structure.

If you believe you fall into one of these situations or any situation involving correcting an unpermitted structure the Shasta Builders’ Exchange is here to help.

Unpermitted Structure - Yellow ShedWith our network of over 500 local businesses, we can help connect you with the right person for your job. We can save you the time of searching through business listings by already being in contact with the right group for your project. We have members that specialize in every aspect of getting an unpermitted structure up to speed; ranging from engineer review, drafting as built drawings, to simply providing an engineer’s stamp to existing drawings.

At the Shasta Builders’ Exchange, we are committed to connecting our community to our network of highly skilled local businesses and we are available to help you find the right business for your project.

Together… building better communities.