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DIR Early Renewal Opens

Early Renewal Registration Now Open for Public Works Contractors

Public works contractors who are registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) for the current fiscal year (ending June 30, 2017) may now renew their registration(s) for the next fiscal year (starting July 1, 2017) using DIR’s online public works contractor registration system. Registered contractors who fail to renew by July 1, but continue working on public works after that date will be subject to late fees and potential penalties.

Contractors must be registered with DIR before bidding, being awarded, or performing work on public works projects in California.

Using the online system, public works contractors can:
• Register for the first time
• Renew an active registration
• Reactivate a prior registration
• Securely pay the non-refundable $300 registration/renewal fee (and penalties if applicable)

Contractor registration is active when the online registration form is complete, and the $300 registration/renewal fee is processed. Registration is processed within 24 hours, if paying by credit card.

Early renewal is only available for public works contractors who are currently registered with DIR. Any contractor who fails to register before bidding or being awarded a public works project may be subject to a $2,000 penalty.

Contractors who plan to bid or work on a public works project prior to July 1 must complete the registration process, including payment of the $300 fee, to register for the remainder of the current fiscal year. Once registered, contractors may then renew their registration for the following fiscal year (beginning July 1, 2017). This requires another renewal fee of $300.

New features on DIR’s online registration system allow contractors to print out proof of registration, and verify the status of their renewal or application on the database of qualified public works contractors. A user guide with instructions is on the DIR website.

<p”>Additional compliance information is available on the DIR Public Works pages. DIR encourages the public works community to subscribe to email alerts, in order to stay updated on public works topics, DIR’s press releases, and other departmental news.