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Carr Fire Recovery Opportunities, For Contractors, That Might Surprise You

Business owners are buzzing about volunteering with the Carr Fire rebuilding efforts, being spearheaded by the NorCal Community Recovery Team, and with good reason: volunteering bonds and strengthens communities, is beneficial to your health, and can even help boost your brand.

However, we all know that it can be challenging to find the right opportunity that allows your business to give back. Id’ be inclined to guess that most of you want to help in ways that directly benefit the cause you feel strongly about, that fits in your ever so busy schedule, and that can utilize the best of your amazing talents… maybe even allowing you to strengthen your professional reputation. What volunteer opportunities fit that bill? Well, depending on what it is your heart seeks, plenty. Here are a few opportunities to consider.

1. Lend Your Skills Pro Bono:  

Even with staff and board members, the NorCal CRT will always need help with major projects, such as home project management, building efforts, fundraising, and more.

What’s Required:  

Like any project, it depends on what area you or your employees are skilled in and what is needed by our team. As with any project, we’ll go over the scope of the project, the deliverables expected, and the timeline. Whether your team is experienced in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc., we will find a place for you to help.  

How to get started

First, let us know you’re interested by contacting the Shasta Builders’ Exchange and let us know you’re eager to help. Figure out how much you and your team can help so that it fits your budget, schedule, and goals.

2. Donate Building Supplies:

What’s required

Do you have extra supplies? Maybe a really good connection with a supplier? Then this may be the area best suited for you to donate to Carr Fire rebuilding efforts.  

For example, let’s say you own a flooring business but are not able to spare man-hours and are on a tight schedule. But, you have a really great relationship with your suppliers and are able to get supplies donated or are willing to offer a discounted price on materials for the Carr Fire rebuilding efforts. Perfect! This may be the opportunity for your business to give to those in need, without putting extra work on your plate.   

How to get started

It’s as easy as reaching out to the Shasta Builders’ Exchange to let us know what kind of supplies you have access to and how we can utilize them according to which homes are in the queue to be built. Additionally, any materials donated qualify as an IRS taxable donation.  

3. Coordinate a Drive

Some of you may have employees who are eager to volunteer or get involved. Do you have someone bitting at the heals to get started? How about hosting a drive. Imagine how much fun this could be and what a boost it would be to your brand. 

What’s required

Gather up your employees and figure out exactly what you would like to host a drive for. For example, you can host a drive for financial donations, sponsored supply donations, or work with us to figure out an area of need for the home(s) we are currently working on. Imagine how much fun it would be to host a drive to gather as many doorknobs and light bulbs as possible. Sound like fun? Perfect! This may be an opportunity for your business to give to those in need.   

How to get started

It’s as easy as reaching out to the Shasta Builders’ Exchange to let us know what your staff would like to help with and we will assess what is needed. We are building homes from the ground up and will need every single piece along the way. Call us today to talk about an idea you may have or just to gather more information for your business.

Volunteering or fundraising can be a rewarding way to help others while also growing your skills and business. Consider seeking one of these opportunities this year, and look forward to reaping the many friendships you will create in the process. To find out more about other opportunities, call Chad Scott at 530-221-5556 and let us know how you would like to help or share some of your past successes with us.