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Capitol Connections 01/22/21

Fingerprints, NV License, Qualifier Rule and Joint Ventures

As our first inquiry shows us there is ‘nothing’ to replace on-the-job experience. Another license applicant learns what the cost of ‘unlimited’ ambition may be in Nevada, a reminder on fingerprinting rules and a ‘trick’ of the trade…

Q:  I have over fifteen years of experience in the Construction industry.  My experience is in a supervising role, not physically performing the work. The current and past managers will not likely sign a document that mis-represents my experience.

A:  That is understandable, I wouldn’t recommend that either!  In order to be the qualifier though, you do have to have at least one year of practical hands-on experience (within the last ten). 

Q:  You are helping us with obtaining a NV license, and we have a question on the application. Under Section 11 – Monetary Limit (on page 6), is 25 million the maximum contract value we are allowed to work on in NV? Or is it unlimited?  Also, where is this kind of information stored, or accessible? Could we be excluded from a bid for that?

A:  Any amount that you request exceeding $10 million is considered “unlimited”, and that will be reflected on your Contractor’s license when you look it up online.  It will also be reflected on the wall certificate you receive.  With an unlimited monetary limit, you will not be excluded from any bids.

Q:  What is the time frame for obtaining a Joint Venture license?  We have a project coming up that we’d like to bid on as a Joint Venture.  If I remember correctly, there is a law that provides for us to bid on the project prior to licensure, we just can’t start the work until the license is issued.  Is that correct?

A:  The process of obtaining a Joint Venture license moves fairly quickly (usually 7-10 business days) assuming you submit all the required items together initially.  You are correct, B&P Code Section 7029.1(b) states “Prior to obtaining a joint venture license, contractors licensed in accordance with this chapter may jointly bid for the performance of work covered by this section.”  As you stated, work cannot start until the JV license is issued. 

Q:  I am just wondering if during these COVID times, if the CSLB has changed their status at all regarding fingerprinting via live scan outside of CA.  Our company is not allowing for travel right now, and I’ve heard not many fingerprinting locations are open in CA right now anyway.

A:  No, the fingerprinting process remains the same.  If an individual wants to do them via live scan, he/she must complete them within California.  If an individual cannot come to CA, they need to do the hard copy fingerprint cards and have their prints rolled.  I don’t foresee the CSLB ever changing this requirement, as it’s not up to them.  The FBI and DOJ are the agencies responsible for running the fingerprints and background checks.

Q:  My license expires at the end of this month, on the 30th.  As long as I get the renewal submitted before then, it will not show expired, correct?

A:  I would suggest using the CSLB’s new online renewal process.  You can pay the renewal fee online with a credit card, and then you mail your payment receipt and signed renewal paperwork to the CSLB.  The records will likely show “expired” for a period of time, but once they receive the paperwork and accept it, the date of the payment will be the renewal date.