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Capitol Connection 12/16/2019

Removing A Class, “D” Questions And Business Names

Well, it could be 20 questions, but this contractor will require a ‘special’ answer many can learn from before they send that application in. Knowing how rule interpretation changes over time is the reason why Capitol Services is the expert in assisting contractors. Another type of change has one contractor looking to get off the ‘roofing’…

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol Connection

Q:  I submitted an application to the CSLB recently under the business name “ABC Specialties Inc.”  I’m applying for a “D-34” (Synthetic Products) license, which is obviously a specialty license.  My company will be doing Division 10 specialties.  This refers to specialty items found in commercial buildings.  We will be installing toilet partitions, restroom accessories, wall and corner protection, and so on.  I called to check the status of my application and the person reviewing it said that she hadn’t completed the review, but one thing I could start working on was coming up with a “dba” (doing business as) name because my business name is not compatible with the work I would be performing.  When I asked about what was not compatible, she said it was the word “specialties”.  When I asked further, she said to just wait for her letter that would be sent soon with any/all corrections needed.  Can you explain this to me please?

A:  As I’ve written about recently, the CSLB has really been enforcing B&P Code Section 7059.1 on a different level than they have in the past, which basically states your business name must be compatible with your classification.  Without seeing the letter, I can suggest that their issue is one of two things: either they don’t like the plural word of “Specialties” because perhaps it could imply that you hold more than one specialtyclassification, OR it’s too generic and they want you to be more descriptive of what type of “Specialty” work you will doing.

Also, just FYI, since you want to start working on things ahead of time, the CSLB has been requiring that “D” applicants answer four questions so this request will likely be included in your deficiency letter.  The four questions are: 1) What are you performing, installing, replacing, and/or repairing? 2)  How is it being performed, installed, replaced, and/or repaired?  3)  What materials, tools, and/or equipment are being used? 4) What will the contractor for the customer say?  What will the scope of work performed be?

Q:  I’ve had my “C-39” (Roofing) license for over 30 years.  About 10 years ago I obtained my “B” (General Building) license.  I slowly over time stopped using my “C-39” classification.  I have always had employees and carried Worker’s Comp however I’m going to be retiring soon and slowing down.  A couple of my employees plan to go work for other contractors, and I’m actually going to certify for a couple of my other employees so they can get their own licenses.  With no employees, I will soon not need Worker’s Comp, but then with my Roofing class I’m not permitted to drop it.  Is there a way to inactivate my “C-39” classification while keeping my General Building license active?

A: There is no way to “inactivate” the “C-39”, however there is an application to remove a classification from a license.  So you can submit that along with an Exemption from Workers Comp and you are good to go!