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Capitol Connection #1122

We begin at ‘zero’ with our first contractor Q/A. Another contractor adds ‘one’ to our active look at licensing law.  I will ‘second’ the motion suggested for a NV question, while our last inquiry needs ‘three’ trades to be successful, ‘generally’…

Q:  I am an attorney and my client is purchasing a construction business.  He has never been licensed and doesn’t quite have the requisite experience, so the seller is going to be the Qualifier on the new license.  It will be a Limited Liability Company (LLC).  Is there a requirement for the seller to have ownership in the company?

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol Connection

A:  No, it is not a requirement for the seller to have ownership in the LLC.  With zero percent ownership, the seller can only Qualify one active license at a time.

Q:  What do I need to do to add a ‘dba’ or Doing Business As, to my license?

A:  You need to complete and submit a Name Change application.  Additionally, the CSLB just recently started to require that when a Contractor will be using a dba, they must show proof of the dba registration with the County.

Q:  A long time ago (2009-10) you assisted us with some license applications in California and Nevada.  We currently have a “C-1” license in Nevada (Plumbing and Heating).  We want to start a fire sprinkler division in Nevada.  I did some research on the Nevada State Contractors Board Web site, and found the following: “The fabrication and installation of all systems of sprinklers for protection from fire, including the appurtenance, is a sub-classification (“C-1b”) of the “C-1” Plumbing and heating contracting license,” and “The Board will grant to qualified applicants a license in the specialty of plumbing and heating contracting. The Board designates such a license as a “classification “C-1” license. A person who holds a classification C-1 license may perform any of the work authorized for the sub-classifications of the classification “C-1” license.” 

This sounds like we are already authorized to do fire sprinkler work in Nevada under our “C-1” license, but I need verification of that.

A:  You are correct!  The C-1 allows you to perform any and all of the sub-classifications, which includes Boilers (C-1a), Fire Sprinklers (C-1b), Insulation of Pipes and Ducts (C-1c), Plumbing (C-1d), Sheet Metal (C-1e), Heating, Cooling and Circulating Air (C-1f), Pipes and Vents for Gas (C-1g), Water Heaters (C-1h), Chilled-Water Piping (C-1i), Systems to Replenish Breathing Air for Firefighters (C-1j), and Industrial Piping C-1k).

Q:  I currently have a Fencing license.  I would like to obtain a General Building license.  What are your thoughts on the difficulty of adding a “B” classification to my license?

A:  You will likely have to provide the CSLB with further documentation (beyond the standard Certification of Work Experience page) showing that you were performing “B” work with a fencing license.  Remember it has to be four years of full-time work doing General Building work (which must include framing and at least two unrelated trades).

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