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Capitol Connection #1110

Some questions ‘generally’ take longer to ask or explain than others! So, let’s start there. I will also lend a ‘hand’ on a fingerprinting problem and help ‘clean up’ a disaster-related issue on appropriate licensing in Paradise and other fire damaged communities…

Q:  If a company has a Responsible Managing Employee (RME) who holds the “A” and “B” classifications and an Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) who currently qualifies the “C-7”, but also has additional classifications of both Generals, when the RME disassociates, will the RMO automatically become the “A” and “B” qualifier, or are we required to submit a ‘replace qualifier’ form for the RMO to become the active General qualifier on the license?

A:  It is not automatic.  If the “C-7” RMO already holds the “A” and “B” classifications previously, then he/she will not be required to take the exams again, however if/when the RME leaves the company, you will need to file a Replacement of Qualifier application to notify the CSLB that he will also be the Qualifier for the “A” and “B” classifications on the license in question.

Q:  We are going to be adding a classification to our license.  We will be using the same RMO we currently have.  Will he need to be fingerprinted again? 

A:  Most likely, no.  The CSLB does purge their fingerprint files, but typically only for individuals who have not been on an active license for quite some time.  If your RMO is currently active on your license, he should be good to go!

Q:  I have a “C-29” (Masonry), “C-53” (Swimming Pool), and “B” (General Building) license.  I previously held a “C-61”/”D-06” (Concrete Related Services) for a different company that exclusively did Shotcrete work.  I would like to add that classification to my existing license, but I just want to make sure that is still the appropriate classification.

A:  Yes, a “D-06” would be the appropriate classification for doing shotcrete work. 

Q:  We are a licensed specialty contractor and we are going to do work in the Paradise area to help with all of the fire damage.  We were told that “C” (specialty) contractors can bid and contract for construction clean up, as long as they sub-contract the work to appropriately licensed contractors.  This was information received at a “Contractor-to-Contractor” meeting we had out there recently.  I just want to make sure what I’m hearing is correct?

A:  The only Contractors who can contract for the debris clean up in the fire disaster areas are the “C-21” (Building Moving/Demolition) or the “A” (General Engineering) license holders.  It would not be appropriate for any other classification to subcontract for disaster debris removal.

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