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Capitol Connection #1105

A ‘qualified’ answer for two brothers planning to ‘divide and conquer’ a license change. Time waits for no one but as the expert I know that ‘experience’ can ‘trump’ the calendar in a license application. Can’t leave our last contractor up in the air as he issues a call for help that began with an ‘SOS’ issue…

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol ConnectionQ:  I am applying to replace my Father on our company license as the Qualifier.  My brother and I have both worked for the company since we were teenagers (over 15 years).  You are helping me request a Waiver of the exams.  My question is, after I become the Qualifier, can my brother then apply to replace me with a Waiver request so that he can then get his own license?

A:  When the CSLB grants a waiver of the exams based on B&P Code Section 7065.1, no other 7065.1 waiver will be granted for a period of five years related to that particular license.  Your brother can qualify for his own license based on his experience, however he would need to take the exams.  The other option would be for him to wait five years from the time you are added to the license, and then replace you with a request for a Waiver.

Q:  We are a Landscaping contractor and I want to add myself as a Responsible Managing Employee (RME).  My experience stems from two different companies and spans a period of 3 years.  Is this acceptable to the CSLB? FYI, I also have a College Degree in Architecture.

A:  In order to qualify as an RME for a license, you are required to document at least four years of full-time work experience.  The CSLB will give you up to two years credit for a four-year degree.  It sounds like you have the appropriate experience, however you will need to structure your application in a way to reflect your experience with the two companies in a particular way.  Please contact my office to further discuss.

Q:  Our license is currently Suspended due to the fact that our insurance company did not notify the CSLB of our updated Worker’s Comp coverage.  How do we rectify this and get our license back to Active as soon as possible?

A: I love when I can give Contractors good news!  The CSLB has an online submission process which allows you to upload your insurance certificate directly to them which will lessen the processing time.

Q:  Our company applied for a Contractor’s license about 7 months ago. We are being told we cannot proceed because we are “SOS suspended”. We dropped the ball, but it is now becoming a priority again.  Can you help with this and how long does it take?

A:  It appears that you need to file a Statement of Information.  And yes, we can assist you with that.  Generally, Statements of Information are processed within one business day.  Contact us if you would like our assistance.

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