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Capitol Connection #1104

Yes, we did, so no you don’t! Our second answer is here today but gone tomorrow. I ‘hazard’ another for contractors who may help restore or rebuild after disaster strikes, and our last one a real corporate road ‘trip’…

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol ConnectionQ:  Your company recently assisted us with obtaining a Joint Venture (JV) license in California.  Are we required by the CSLB to file a fictitious firm name and notify them?

A:  No, the CSLB does not require you to file a fictitious business name.  You may want to contact the County you are doing business in to inquire about their local requirements.

Q:  We just noticed our former CEO is still listed on our Contractor’s License.  We changed our Qualifier recently and I went online to check to see it had been completed and noticed the CEO is not current.  Are we in jeopardy of any implications with the CSLB?

A:  According to B&P Code Section 7083, you must report a change in personnel within 90 days of the effective date, however after reviewing your license, there will likely not be an issue.  You have several other Officers listed who can authorize changes.  I see the Secretary of State has already been updated with your new CEO, so you’ll now want to file a Disassociation notice for your former CEO (signed by a current Officer), as well as an application for adding personnel for your new CEO.

Q:  We are a restoration company and we are wanting to help with the repair efforts in the City of Paradise.  We have a current contractor’s license with several classifications, but we are wanting to add the HAZ certification.  I understand there are only certain classifications that allow you to qualify for the HAZ.  Can you confirm which classifications allow for that certification?

A:  Eligibility for this certification is limited to licensees who hold the “A” General Engineering, “B” General Building, “C-12” Earthwork and Paving, “C-36” Plumbing, “C-57” Well Drilling (Water), or “C-61/D-40” Service Station Equipment and Maintenance (only those licensees who currently hold this classification) license classification.  Since you have “C-12”, you will qualify!  We appreciate your contribution to the re-building effort in Paradise.

Q:  I am the owner of a CA licensed construction company, but I myself recently relocated to Nevada.  At the recommendation of my CPA, I dissolved my domestic CA corporation and registered as a Nevada corporation.  I was issued a new EIN.  I then registered my Nevada corporation with the CA Secretary of State.  I am now being told I need a new Contractor’s License number.  Does this sound accurate?

A:  Absolutely.  Any time a new entity is formed, it will require a new Contractor’s License.  Being that you converted from a domestic corporation to a foreign corporation, you can request that the license number be re-issued to the new entity.  You probably want to keep your lower number!

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