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Capitol Connection 11/25/2019

CSLB Public Meetings, Contractor Database And Exam Scheduling

Speak up, it’s your opportunity for input, because contractors have their cards on the ‘table’. Another contractor has gotten the ‘cart before the horse’ so to speak, while a license applicant will have to delay his travel plan until he’s told ‘when’ to get moving…

Q:  Do you know if there is a data table of licensed contractor’s that is available for use for marketing purposes?

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol Connection

A:  The CSLB has a very helpful link on their website where you can see a list of licensed contractors based on zip code, city, or license classification.

Q:  We have two Qualifiers on our license, one for the “A” (General Engineering classification), and one for the “C-10” (Electrical) classification.  Both these Responsible Managing Officers (RMO) switched over to one of our Sister companies in order to obtain the license more expeditiously.  Now we have a deadline to replace them on our license of 10/10/xx.  We have employees in mind, but while we are going through the selection process, is there any way to get an extension on that deadline?

A:  As you are aware, when a Qualifier leaves/disassociates from a license, your company has 90 days to replace them.  The CSLB does allow for a one time 90-day extension, however in order to get that approved, you must have the replacement Application in process.  If you make the request before you have the replacement paperwork submitted, the request will be denied.

Q:  We are an Oregon contractor and we are interested in obtaining a California Contractor License.  The President of the company will be the RMO and he was wondering if it’s possible to get a list of available test dates so he can make a plan as to when he will come to California.

A: The CSLB administers the exams Monday thru Friday so there is no list of test dates.  Once you submit your application, the CSLB will review it and schedule him a test date.  Currently, you will likely be notified of the exam date about 4-6 weeks after your application is submitted and they schedule them about three out.

Q:  I had issues with my Contractor’s License years ago that resulted in my license being revoked.  I’ve been going back and forth with the CSLB ever since trying to get my license re-instated.  It’s been a very frustrating process.  My attorney suggested I contact one of the CSLB Board members directly.  I was curious if the CSLB has regular meetings the public can attend and if so, is there an opportunity for the public to speak?

A:  They sure do.  The CSLB meetings are open to the public (except when specifically noted otherwise).  The meetings have a “public comment session” where you can address the Board.  The next Board meeting is on September 24, 2019 in Chico.  Good luck!