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Capitol Connection #1062

Fresh, new and original. Same old rules with new booming economic opportunity adding players to the contractor ranks of the Golden State. As some find talent outside the state others are coming back to the ‘game’ in CA. Another question isn’t fresh, new or all that original, unfortunately…

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol ConnectionQ:  I will be setting up a new corporation next week and I found a guy who has the relevant experience to qualify for the “C-36” (Plumbing) license.  He will need to take the exams. He currently lives in Idaho and that’s where he gained his experience.  Is that going to be a problem?  Also, so we can anticipate travel plans, once we submit the application, does the CSLB give him a certain time frame to pass the exams?

A:   The CSLB accepts work experience gained outside of California and it is not necessary for your Qualifying Individual to be a resident of California, as long as they are actively engaged in the running of the business.  Once you submit the application, the Qualifier is given a period of 18 months to take and pass the exams. The application will go void if all requirements, including testing, are not completed within the time frame.

Q:  You may remember us, we are a Texas corporation and you helped us get our California license years ago.  We only had a couple projects in CA and we let the license expire in 2015.  We are now ready to come back to California and do some work.  How do we go about getting our license again?  Do we need to start from scratch?

A:  Of course we do, we are always ready to help new faces and old friends. No, you do not need to start over!  Since it has been less than five years since your license expired, you can still renew it.  You are required to submit a Renewal Application, pay the delinquent (Active) fee of $600, and provide a new Bond and proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance (if you still have employees).  The renewal application is not available on the CSLB’s website, so you can either order one which can take about two weeks, or with a permission letter we can pick one up for you in person.

Q:  I am currently in arbitration with my client who is a Construction Contractor.  The opposing side is asking for verification of his license (the license is very new and has only been in existence for a year) and we provided him with the online printout, the pocket card, and the wall certificate.  The opposing attorney is not happy with just that and wants something official from the CSLB.  Is there a way you can obtain something more official and how long would that take given we are currently in arbitration?

A:  We can order a Certified License History which is an official document from the CSLB.  The verified certificate contains the business name and address, trade classifications held, license issuance date, license personnel, bond information (upon request), any enforcement actions taken against the license, and the license status during the time period you request.  Currently, the CSLB is taking about six weeks to process these requests, however, if you have documentation from the court showing that you are currently in arbitration, they can expedite the request.

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