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Capitol Connection #1032

When are the slowest and fastest way to get something done exactly the same? When it’s the only way! I have a ‘preferential’ answer for a contractor with ambitions to ‘gamble’ on public works in Nevada and pass along an answer to another question that is a real cool ‘gas’…

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol ConnectionQ: I am a California General Contractor with an active “B” license. It’s a Sole Proprietor license that was first issued in July 2010. I also have a Corporation registered with the Secretary of State. I want to apply for a new license for the corporation. I don’t want to reissue my Sole Proprietor license. Do I have to fill in all the information on a Waiver form such as the work experience and do live scan fingerprinting again? It seems like a bunch of redundant information considering I am already licensed and have been actively operating for the past seven years.

A: No you don’t. Since you are currently Actively Licensed, you can leave out the work experience information. As far as fingerprinting, we have seen them purge fingerprints in some cases, however usually, as long as a License remains active, they keep the fingerprints on file for all of the licensee’s personnel. Therefore, you most likely will not be required to fingerprint again.

Q: Are you familiar with what I would need to do to gain the 5% preference for bidding public works projects in Nevada?

A: Yes, I recently looked into this. The requirement for bidders preference are 1) You must be licensed for at least five years either as a General Contractor (for a General Certificate), or a specialty Contractor (for a restricted specialty certificate), 2) You need to complete the application, which includes a portion that must be completed by your CPA, and 3) You must have paid directly your behalf (not paid through subs) $5000 in taxes for each consecutive twelve month periods for sixty months. In other words, $5000 a year for five years. Taxes must be sales and use or governmental services tax (formerly called the motor vehicle privilege tax) or a combination thereof.

Q: I recently applied to replace the Qualifier on my company’s “C-20” (HVAC) Contractor’s License. I passed the exam and everything, but now the CSLB is asking for my CFC/EPA certificate, which I don’t have. We have other employees who have the certification. It is my understanding the certification is needed in order to handle refrigerant or get it from suppliers, and I am not the person who will be handling this. If we can provide evidence that some of our other employees are certified will that satisfy the CSLB? In doing some research it appears there are several types of certifications. In the event that I need to be the one certified, which CFC Certification is required?

A: For “C-20” (HVAC) and “C-38” (Refrigeration) licenses, the Qualifying individual is required to have the knowledge to handle refrigerant, so you will need to obtain the CFC/EPA certification. You are required to get either the Type II or Universal certificate.

Q: Is there any way to expedite HIS (Home Improvement Salesperson) applications? We are looking to hire about 40 new employees that we need to get registered.

A: No, unfortunately, the CSLB does not expedite HIS applications. They process them in the order they receive them. Currently, they are taking about 2-3 weeks to process those.

By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc.

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