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Capitol Connection #1028

Now you see it, now you don’t? What’s the real news on business names and advertising? I will ‘synthesize’ the answer for a painting contractor, another gets the recipe for ‘proof’ pudding, and we ‘tear down’ the walls to expose the answer on a remediation contractor’s question…

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol ConnectionQ:  I was told that contractors did not have to put signs on their trucks if they don’t advertise, since a sign constitutes an advertisement. And plumbers, well drillers, and electrical sign installers had to also include their complete address on their truck sign. Your thoughts please?

A:  Thank you for contacting Capitol Services.  According to B&P Code Section 7029.5, every Plumbing contractor, Sign contractor, and drill rig used for drilling water wells, assuming the vehicle is used in their business and a commercial vehicle registration has been paid, must have his or her business name, permanent business address, and contractor’s license number, all in letters and numerals not less than 1 1/2 inches high, displayed on both sides of their vehicle.

All other contractors not mentioned above shall display their business name and license number in a clearly visible location on the vehicle in print type of at least 72-point font or three-quarters of an inch in height and width.  This only applies if the contractor is using the vehicle for their construction business and a commercial vehicle registration fee has been paid.

So in your case, the key would be whether your vehicle(s) are registered as commercial.

Q:  I am a Painting contractor with a “C-33” license. Can I install Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels or do I need a different license?

A:  The “C-33” Painting classification would not be appropriate to install FRP’s, the “C-61”/”D12” (Synthetic Products) would be most appropriate.

Q:  I am applying for a second contractor’s license in Nevada and when I called the NV Board they informed me that in-order for me to be the Qualifier on more than one license I would need to document I own at least 25% of each entity.  I own 30% of each, but when they say “document”, what should I provide to show my ownership?  The certificates of good standing from the Secretary of State don’t mention ownership.

A:  For proof of ownership you can provide Stock Certificates, Secretarial Certificates, or the Operating Agreements (assuming they mention ownership).  Typically, these are internal documents and not “filed” with any State agencies.  I hope this was helpful.

Q:  My husband has been working for a water remediation contractor for the past 10 years and wants to obtain his own license for removing drywall from water damaged properties.  What type of license is required for removing the drywall only?

A:  The “C-61”/”D-64” Non-Specialized classification for Water Remediation is required when water damaged drywall, flooring, baseboard, cabinets, or other wet material is removed from a structure.

By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc.

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