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Capitol Connection #1025

By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc.

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol ConnectionA ‘salute’ for veterans starts our question and answer parade. Next a contractor changes his mind, and will likely get his wish and we wrap by helping another contractor ‘capitalize’ on his business name…

Q: I am a disabled veteran who has worked under a licensed contractor for 15 years of my life. I am now ready to venture out into the realm of having my own contractor’s license. He has a “B” (General Building) license and we do all types of remodels and upgrades. What are the main requirements and how quickly can this happen?

A: To obtain your own license you will need to document at least four years of full time work experience doing that type of work. You will need to take and pass the Trade and Law exams and you will also need to be fingerprinted. The process usually takes anywhere from two to three months, however the Military Veterans Application Assistance Program at the CSLB assists those who are transitioning from military service. They will usually expedite your application to process it ahead of others to issue your license in having served the country. Thanks for your service!

Q: I am an attorney and my client currently has a corporate license that we are closing down in order for them to do business in California under their Limited Liability Company (LLC). When we submitted the application for the new LLC, there was a form to fill out about whether we wanted a new license number issued or if we wanted our current license number transferred. We checked the box stating that we wanted a new license number issued. My client received the fingerprinting paperwork and now informed me that they now want to keep the same license number. Is it too late to make the request?

A: Being that fingerprinting paperwork has already been sent out, that tells me the application has been “posted”. Posted means they have the basic requirements to process the application. Usually once an application has been posted you can no longer make changes to it because all the original information has been entered in their system. However, the request for license number re-issuance isn’t processed until they actually issue the license, so they will likely accept your amended request for re-issuance.

Q: You are helping our company obtain a new Contractor’s License in California. You had mentioned that our Bonds and our Insurance certificates need to reflect the exact business name as the name on the application. Would this be the Qualifier’s name or the Company name? And I know this is being picky, but will a comma on the Insurance certificate vs. no comma on the license application be an issue?

A: To answer your first question, the name on the $15,000 Contractor’s Bond needs to match your business name. The name on your $12,500 Bond of Qualified Individual needs to match your Qualifying Individual’s name, but it will also reflect your company name which needs to match your business name on the application. To answer your second question, the CSLB does not use punctuation so commas and periods are not an issue. They issue licenses with the business names in all caps with no commas or periods.

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