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Capitol Connection 10/14/2019

License Processing, LLC General Liability and Federal Bids

It’s good to be ‘ahead’ of the curve! A question of ‘liability’, before a ‘two for one’ inquiry. Two other contractors get an answer and a solution as we assist contractors every day…

Q: My license will expire in about 9 months or so.  I wanted to ask if you have any suggestions about how to make the renewal process go smoothly or have any thoughts on the matter?

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol Connection

A:  That’s certainly thinking ahead!  Most of the time I’m contacted a couple days before someone’s license expires asking for advice.  The CSLB will send you the renewal approximately 60 days before the expiration.  Both you (as the RME) and the officer listed on the license will be required to sign.  I would recommend sending it in soon after you receive it because it takes the CSLB usually several weeks to process.

Q:  We have a client interest in forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to perform general contracting services.  Does your company provide Agent for Service of process services?  Also, do you know if the $1,000,000 liability insurance requirements of the CSLB is for general liability insurance or professional liability insurance?

A:  Yes, we do offer Agent for Service of process.  The liability insurance requirement for LLC’s is $1 million in General liability coverage.

Q:  With my “B” (General Building) License, can I contract for structural metal framing? (not light gauge framing which is covered under the “C-9”).  Secondly, my friend who is a “C-35” (Lathe and Plaster) contractor believes that he can contract for structural metal framing with his license.  Is he correct?

A:  To answer your first question, yes, you can do all types of framing and carpentry with your “B” license.  However, it is not appropriate for a “C-35” (Lathing and Plastering) classification contractor to perform any metal framing. They can install lath, which the plastering materials adhere to, but not metal or wood framing. A “C-35” contractor can install metal studs that are used to install or support the lathing and/or solid plaster partitions.

Q:  Is a Nevada State Contractor’s license required for performing work on a Federal Government project in Nevada?

A:   The Nevada State Contractor’s Board doesn’t have jurisdiction over Federal projects.  You would need to contact the person(s) where the bids are submitted to determine what they require. 

Q:  I am starting a new Construction company that will be an LLC.  I only have three years of qualifying experience however my partner does have the experience so he will Qualify the license.  Is there a way for me to be put on the Contractor’s License application and be able to test with him?  Or does he just get the license and then add me later when I gain the necessary experience?

A: No, without the requisite four years of experience, you will not qualify to take the exams.  However, you can be on the license as a “member” or “manager” of the LLC.  While there is only one Qualifier per classification, you can have as many Members/Managers/Officers as you’d like on the license.  Once you gain the experience, you can apply to replace your partner on the license