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Capitol Connection 03/09/2020

New License Number, General Landscaping and “C-10”

Our first contractor makes the ‘grade’ and gets an “A” while another is looking ahead to the finish line in hope for a ‘checkered’ flag. An attorney who has done the right thing discovers his client has had a last minute ‘change’ of heart. Now what? …

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol Connection

Q:  I have a “C-27” (Landscaping) license.  I believe I need an “A” (General Engineering) license.  We do earthwork that involves much more than average landscaping work.  This would be for farms, orchards, and row crops on a variety of agricultural fields.

Services include:

  • Hydraulic design for conveyance pipelines and micro-drip/sprinkler irrigation systems
  • Trenching
  • Excavation
  • Earth grading upon excavation completion
  • Electrical work in association with agricultural pumping stations
  • Concrete flatwork in association with pumping stations
  • Welding and fabrication of steel piping in association with pumping stations
  • Sometimes boring of pipelines (normally subcontracted due to permits)

Essentially the complete construction and implementation of each individual irrigation system includes a multitude of trades from design, installation and completion.

A:  The CSLB places no limits on the size of an irrigation system that a “C-27” Landscaping contractor can install, however the “C-34” Pipeline classification or the “A” General would likely be required for large scale agricultural irrigation. 

Q:  We (meaning our corporation) are wanting to add a “C-10” (Electrical) classification to our license.  We currently hold the “B” (General Building).  Is there any special consideration for the time frame we already submitted for the “B” (General Building)?  Or do we need to do a whole different Work Experience page for the different classification?  And can we use the same Certifier, or would that raise red flags?

A: Thank you for contacting us.  The CSLB will consider the time claimed, however you must show at least four years of full-time work experience doing electrical work (“C-10”) within the last ten years.  You can absolutely use the same certifier.  The person who signs off on your experience can be anyone who has firsthand knowledge of your work background.

Q:  I am an attorney and my client currently is a corporate license that we are closing down in order for them to do business in California under their Limited Liability Company (LLC).  When we submitted the application for the new LLC, there was a form to fill out about whether we wanted a new license number issued or if we wanted our current license number transferred.  We checked the box stating that we wanted a new license number issued.  My client received the fingerprinting paperwork and now informed me that they now want to keep the same license number.  Is it too late to make the request?

A: Being that fingerprinting paperwork has already been sent out, that tells me the application has been “posted”.  Posted means they have the basic requirements to process the application.  Usually once an application has been posted you can no longer make changes to it because all the original information has been entered in their system.  However, the request for license number re-issuance isn’t processed until they actually issue the license, so they will likely accept your amended request for re-issuance.