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Capitol Connection 03/08/2021

Online Renewal, Waivers, and Disaster Rules

Zoom rooms, distance learning, mobile games, online shopping IM and VM’s are becoming more prevalent, but some things like ‘paperwork’ still rely on real paper! Another contractor needs to learn whether some ‘ifs and/or buts’ apply to his problem. And finally, a reminder to report unlicensed contracting in disaster zones, don’t let victims be victimized again!…

Q:  My license expired on July 31st.  I renewed it online on July 3rd so I’m not sure why it’s still showing expired.  I even received a confirmation from the CSLB that they received the payment.  I have a project that I have committed to, however, they won’t let me start until my license is Active.  I have emailed the CSLB and left messages and haven’t heard back.  Is there any way you can check on it for me and hopefully speed up the process?

A:  I looked up your license and it is a corporation.  Corporate licenses cannot actually be renewed online.  You can pay the renewal fee online however you still need to physically send in the renewal application, which is doesn’t appear you did.  Renewal applications are sent out approximately 60 days prior to the expiration date.  If you don’t still have the application, you can either order it online and have the CSLB mail it out to you, or we can pick it up for you in person.  Let me know if you’d like our assistance with this it would speed up the ‘snail mail’ delay. 

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol Connection

Q:  My Company currently has an “A” (General Engineering) and “C-10” (Electrical) license.  We need to add the “C-31” (Traffic Control).  I am the Qualifier for the “A” and “C” classifications however I don’t have the time to study for the Traffic Control exam.  Is there a way to be granted a Waiver of the “C-31” Trade exam based on my other classifications?  If not, I can just have one of my employees sit for the exam, but obviously I’m just looking for the quickest and easiest way to go about this.  Thank you in advance for your advice.

A:  B&P Code Section 7065.3 allows for you to request a waiver of the Trade exam if you have held the “A” or “B” license for at least five years (which you have held for well over five years), and if you can document that the additional classification is closely related and that a significant part of your work has been the specific trade duties included in the classification you are adding.  This Waiver request requires additional paperwork, so you’ll have to decide if you have time to do that, or if you want to go with your other option of putting an employee through the testing process.  Also, please be aware that the Waiver request is just that, so the CSLB reviews these on a case-by-case basis, and they always have the authority to deny the request.

Disaster 2020-

When we thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, much of the state of California is currently facing devastating wildfires.  There are many opportunities for contractors to re-build and re-construct, so be sure to keep your license Active, updated, and in good standing if you wish to help the victims with their necessary improvements.  Anyone Contracting without a valid license in a disaster area could face felony charges.  Punishment for a felony charge of contracting without a valid license in a disaster area may include up to 16 months in State prison and a fine of up to $10,000 (B&P Code 7028.16). Report unlicensed activity to the CSLB, your neighbors/customers in CA will be happy you did.