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Capitol Connection 03/02/2020

Waiver Experience, Fingerprinting and Subcontractor Licenses

‘Alexa, bundle my renewal’ won’t cut it either as some things still require individual paperwork, and if it sounds too good to be true ‘clarification’ is likely needed. Finally, a cross country contractor is getting started with the wrong ‘directions’…

Q:  I am a General Contractor in California and I have a painter who is soliciting us to have my Company hire him as a sub-contractor to do some painting work for us.  I asked him for his license number and he said that sub-contractors are not required to be licensed, and he can simply work under my General Contractor’s License.  That doesn’t sound right to me.  Can you clarify?

Shauna Krause, writer of Capitol Connection

A:  The only way an individual can work under a company’s license, is if that individual is directly employed by the company.  Sub-contractors are required to be licensed for any work done over $500 (labor and materials included). 

Q:  My boss has a Sole Proprietor license that is current and Active, and it’s due to expire on January 31st of next year.  He also has an application in process in which he is applying to be the Responsible Managing Officer (RMO) for a company he will be working for once their license is issued.  Is he still required to renew his Sole Proprietor license, or will the new application automatically take care of renewing his personal license?

A:  No, it will not be automatic.  He will still need to submit a renewal application and pay the required fee.  If your boss owns at least 20% of the new LLC, he can renew his personal license Active.  If he owns less than 20%, he should renew his license Inactive.

Q:  You are helping us with obtaining a “C-45” Contractor’s License in CA.  Our Qualifier was approved and scheduled for an exam on December 15th.  He also received the fingerprint information.  Is it okay for him to fly out to California early and do the fingerprints prior to the exam, or does he need to wait until he passes the exam to complete the fingerprint requirement?

A:  Once you receive the fingerprint request forms, you can be fingerprinted at any time.  He does not need to wait until he passes the exams to get them done. 

Q:  I have been a General Building contractor licensed in Louisiana for over 15 years.  I am filling out an Original License Application “Waiver” because I will be providing my license verification from Louisiana which I already have back from them.  Do I still need to complete the Certification of Work Experience page that’s part of the application?  

A:  Yes, you do.  Even if you believe you are eligible for a Waiver, the CSLB still requires that you have the experience section of the application completed and document at least five years of journey-level experience.  Also, I believe you have the wrong directions and you are completing it incorrectly.  Please call my office and we’d be happy to help you out with the process and make sure you have the right start with the proper forms.