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California Heritage YouthBuild Academy, Shasta Builders’ Exchange to offer Job Shadowing program to students

chybaCalifornia Heritage YouthBuild Academy (CHYBA) is a public charter school located at 8544 Airport Road in Redding, CA. In addition to pursuing a California high school diploma, CHYBA students gain meaningful career and life skills training through engagement in worksite learning, job shadowing and community service projects. Our students, under the supervision of a full time construction instructor, have been a part of the completion of six low income housing units constructed in the past three years in Shasta Lake City. In an effort to help our students gain exposure to multiple career choices and help local businesses connect with potential employment candidates (currently or in the future), CHYBA, in association with the Shasta Builders’ Exchange, is offering a Job Shadowing program to its students.

Through the help of local business partners and our Job Shadowing Coordinator, Kurt Mitchell, our students gain field experience in a job they want to explore. The CHYBA student would be available to the partner for general unskilled labor on the jobsite and will be covered under CHYBA’s liability insurance. The school will help coordinate transportation for the participating student to and from the jobsite(s). The business partner will provide a supervised environment where the student worker gains experience in the specific trade/skill while helping in any capacity the partner deems appropriate.

Frequency and duration of the Job Shadow commitment will be determined on a case by case basis to accommodate the needs of the partner. CHYBA’s Job Shadowing Program Coordinator will check in regularly with the business partner, or their designee, to monitor the success of the student placement and work with the participating student on any needs identified. If at any point, the participating student is not meeting the needs of the business partner, CHYBA should be contacted, and a workable solution will be determined between the business partner and CHYBA’s Job Shadowing Coordinator. CHYBA student workers are unpaid in the Job Shadowing program, however, if a business partner would like a participating student to continue beyond the shadowing experience, internships could be arranged through the school.

Thank you for your interest in CHYBA’s Job Shadowing program. If you would like more information, or would like to arrange to partner with us, please stop by or call CHYBA at 530-378-5254 and ask for either Kurt Mitchell or Lane Carlson.

Thank you!
Lane Carlson
Assistant Principal