News: December 2020

GSBE Business Update 01/04/2021

ATTENTION SMALL BUSINESSES AND NONPROFITS – $500 MILLION IN GRANTS COMING SOON  If you own a small business or manage a nonprofit, keep an eye out for an upcoming $500 million grant program that could give you up to $25,000. Sign up HERE to get updates on when grants become available and … read more

Capitol Connections 01/04/2021
California Capitol Building in Sacramento

LLC Registration, Bankruptcy, and Employee Theft It’s just unfortunate our first contractor’s situation is dire, but as in many things, there is a ‘silver lining’ regarding their license status. Another contractor’s discovery is also ‘good news/ bad news’, actually, it’s all ‘sad’ at present. I … read more

Capitol Connections 12/23/2020

Waiver Limit And HOA Rules “Who you going to call?” If you’re a contractor, it won’t be the Ghostbusters. Assisting contractors for these many years I can go ‘faster than a speeding locomotive’ to get a final answer from the top! Did I just mix … read more

Capitol Connection 12/18/2020

Attorney Service, POA’s And His Rule Law is written, but exceptions exist in practice and changes come from interpretation. Contractors already have at least one full time job, so expert assistance becomes your ‘hole’ card in avoiding mistakes. Our inquiry on HIS is a good … read more

Cal/OSHA Addresses New COVID-19 Workplace Standards

As of December 1, 2020, Cal/OSHA has placed new Emergency Regulations to protect workers from COVID-19. These new regulations are henceforth requiring all employers to protect their employees from hazards relating to COVID-19 in an effort to minimize exposer and spread of the disease in … read more