News: February 2020

Capitol Connection 03/02/2020
California Capitol Building in Sacramento

Waiver Experience, Fingerprinting and Subcontractor Licenses ‘Alexa, bundle my renewal’ won’t cut it either as some things still require individual paperwork, and if it sounds too good to be true ‘clarification’ is likely needed. Finally, a cross country contractor is getting started with the wrong … read more

Capitol Connection 02/24/2020
Department of Industrial Relations

Registered Agent, LLC Conversion and Acceptable Experience If you are a contractor, I can help you and sometimes the answer is ‘fast’, other times they are just ‘hard’. Something different for a ‘change’, and a contractor looking for a special ‘agent’ wraps it up… Q:  I … read more

Capitol Connection 02/17/2020
California Capitol Building in Sacramento

Installing Tubs, Info Statements and Disassociation Notices Cut to the chase, cut red tape, it’s what I do every day for contractors. Problems solved here are a lesson to all, but thirty years of experience has shown me another new problem is always just a … read more

GSBE Business Update 02/17/2020
GSBE Golden State Builders Exchanges

Design-build takes hold in all but 2 states In the last 25 years, the design-build delivery method has caught on with not just contractors but also government officials, customers and jurisdictions across the country. The method is now allowed on at least some types of … read more

Exam Waivers, NV “C-1” And Criminal History Disclosure
Department of Industrial Relations

2 B or not 2 B is not the question, rather we shall “C-1”, but only if the fee has been paid in NV. We roll the dice with another contractor and it comes up 11, CA application question 11 that is and share the … read more