News: December 2019

GSBE Business Update 12/30/2019
GSBE Golden State Builders Exchanges

New Contracting Laws Go into Effect January 1, 2020CSLB Summarizes New Laws for Licensees SACRAMENTO – The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) has summarized the new laws that will go into effect this January. Take note of these laws as they may change the way you … read more

GSBE Business Update 12/23/2019
GSBE Golden State Builders Exchanges

Air board tackles polluting trucks A proposed rule would pave the way for zero-emission trucks. California’s clean air enforcers, CARB, are expected to weigh a controversial new rule tackling truck tailpipe pollution today. The proposed rule, called the Advanced Clean Trucks regulation, calls on major … read more

Capitol Connection 12/23/2019
California Capitol Building in Sacramento

Bond Indemnitors And General Solar Installation In our age of Roomba’s and robot chefs, some things are still not ‘automatic’ with a contractor’s licensing paperwork. When you add one and one you don’t always equal two in this interpretation of contractor regulation. Go figure, it’s … read more

Capitol Connection 12/16/2019
Department of Industrial Relations

Removing A Class, “D” Questions And Business Names Well, it could be 20 questions, but this contractor will require a ‘special’ answer many can learn from before they send that application in. Knowing how rule interpretation changes over time is the reason why Capitol Services … read more

Capitol Connection 12/09/2019
California Capitol Building in Sacramento

CSLB Exam Language Translators And Temporary Licenses Back to the future as we remind an aspiring applicant to ‘just say no,’ until the license is in his pocket! Let me ‘translate’ this because it may be foreign to you, but it’s an English-only contractor’s exam, … read more