News: February 2019

Capitol Connection #1114
California Capitol Building in Sacramento

Here’s the distinction, an expert can tell immediately when something looks similar but really isn’t the same. In contractor licensing that is crucial in getting it right the first time. Because, contractors know ‘time is money’ is exactly right… Q:  I need to obtain a “C-54” … read more

Capitol Connection #1113
California Capitol Building in Sacramento

Process. It seems life is about learning the process. For contractors dealing with complex rules and interpretations of regulations that’s a high-level learning curve! That’s why expert assistance is always helpful when it’s your turn to learn. Process this… Q:  As you know, you very recently … read more

GSBE Construction Update 02/13/2019
GSBE Golden State Builders Exchanges

Federal OSHA, Cal/OSHA Add Another Layer of Paperwork The recent requirement to submit Form 300A data electronically doesn’t relieve employers of the responsibility to post the hard copy Form 300A each year. Each establishment (place of business) must post the Form 300A from February 1 … read more

Capitol Connection #1112
California Capitol Building in Sacramento

Some things may sound the same in contractor’s licensing, but the reality depends on your ‘state’ of mind. Another contractor working over a border gets a choice in ‘one from column A, or one from column B’ in order to be legally licensed, and oh … read more

Introduction to Incident (Accident) Investigation – OSHA 7505
Fall Hazard Sign

Individuals responsible for their organization’s safety and health system, and who would be involved in conducting accident and/or near-miss investigations should take this course. Course Description: This course provides an introduction to basic accident investigation procedures and describes accident analysis techniques. The goal of the course is … read more