News: May 2017

Redding Cultural District
Redding Cultural District

Redding Cultural District (shown in the map in salmon color) has been selected as a semi-finalist for the California Cultural Districts program. The California Arts Council, tasked with setting up, reviewing and choosing the cultural districts, convened a panel in April 2017 to assess all submissions … read more

Do You Have an Unpermitted Structure?
Unpermitted Structure - Yellow Shed

Do you have an unpermitted structure on your property that’s stopping you from finishing a project or selling your home? Do you have an unpermitted structure that is stopping you from being able to finish a project on your property? Or even worse, preventing you … read more

The EXECUTIVE SUMMARY #13 Greg Barnette.Gannett

To Be Better! Kurt Starman took the reigns as Redding’s city manager in 2006. During his tenure, he dealt with drought, fire, and the Great Recession (just to name of few).  He brought in a new Police Chief and re-configured his executive management, team. As the person at … read more

Working Safely with Chemicals
Working Safely with Chemicals

Chemicals come in various forms and can affect those exposed in different ways. A chemical can take the form of a mist, vapor, liquid, dust, fume or gas. The type of chemical, the way it is used, and the form that it takes determine its … read more

Capitol Connection #1029
California Capitol Building.Shasta Builders Exchange. Photo by Jeff Turner

Sometimes concrete is hard, especially when it’s a public project. Unlicensed is unlicensed with a ‘hard cost’ if you do work beyond the legal limits. You should also be up to date on the ‘social’ implications for contractor’s advertising… Q:  I have a question about … read more