News: January 2017

Developing Our Economy
Blueprints representing Developing our Economy forum

Developing Our Economy – Panel Discussion in Redding, CA On Wednesday January 18, 2017, Shasta Builders’ Exchange co-sponsored (in collaboration with Shasta Voices and the Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce) “Developing Our Economy”, a development forum that brought together concerned members of the construction trades, … read more

Capitol Connection #1012
Capitol Connection Cuts the Red Tape

Capitol Connection By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc. Still have not seen a Sasquatch, but urban legend says it’s out there. What you hear or believe may not always be the right answer as our Delaware contractor learns. We ‘shock’ a Nevada contractor and … read more

Take Care With Compressed Air
Lithograph poster warning about the dangers of using compressed air

Compressed air tools are commonly used in many workplaces. Many workers take them for granted, ignoring the hazards involved in their use. Compressed air is not “just air.” It’s a focused stream of air driven at a high velocity, which can cause serious injury or … read more

AB 2888 and Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Stack of US Dollar Bills

Workers’ Compensation, AB 2883 We have written previously on the issue of Workers’ Compensation insurance and its effect on licensed contractors. As you know, any business whether it be a sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership or LLC that has individuals that perform work on their behalf, … read more

Capitol Connection #1011
Capitol Connection Cuts the Red Tape

Capitol Connection #1011 Q&A for Contractors Having assisted contractors from across the west over more than 30 years this is new. As it is likely to affect many and currently ongoing it bears taking time to share this contractor’s issues, although not in a question … read more