News: November 2016

Trenching and Shoring

Trenching Shoring Safety Construction trenching for buried utilities, pipelines, water transport, and other activities may be hazardous. Trenches are usually deeper than they are wide and the walls may become unstable and collapse on top of workers. Trench cave-ins occur when dirt, sand, and rocks … read more

Shasta Mini Maker Faire 2016
Shasta Mini Maker Faire 2016

SBE’s Trade School partnered with CHYBA to sponsor, design, operate and supervise the Nerdy Derby for the Shasta Mini Maker Faire which was held on Nov. 12, 2016. Months of planning, meetings, and gathering materials went into the efforts for our first ever gravity race. … read more

Lease-Leaseback Affected By New Legislation
Lease-Leaseback vs Traditional System

Lease-Leaseback Assembly Bill 2316 (“AB 2316”), signed into law by Governor Brown in September, will change school districts’ lease-leaseback (“LLB”) project delivery method effective January 1, 2017.  The following highlights some key provisions of AB 2316, which amends Education Code sections 17400 and 17406, and … read more

Capitol Connection #1005
Capitol Connection Cuts the Red Tape

As noted in October, at Capitol Connection we’ve offered assistance to contractors with questions for more than a thousand weeks here! Once in a while it’s good to remember history, so contractors don’t repeat those same mistakes over again… Looking for Loopholes 1/20/14 Q: For many … read more

Emergency Planning
Witch Legs by Patrick Emerson

We are all familiar with the public service announcements advising us to be prepared for emergencies. Emergency planning requires only small steps to increase your disaster preparedness. First, know your risks at home and at work. What industry do you work in? Are there chemical, … read more